What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do?

What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do For You?


One day, about twenty-seven days ago, I woke up thinking ~, what if I walked outside everyday for thirty minutes for ninety days? {Remember that’s outside in every kind of weather}

I wondered if I could maintain it for the entire ninety days. If I could what type of transformations, would my body go through? If I could what type of psychological changes would take place in me.

I said the only way for me to begin this tall feat was to record it and to ensure that I remained steady with it I posted in on every social media I was a part of.

Today is day twenty-seven, and I begin tracking here on my blog. I will continue to inform you on how the human spirit can challenge itself and cause a lowering of blood pressure even more.

The days of tracking on my YouTube channel are a little mixed up because I was so busy making sure I was tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr I would forget some days of uploading to YouTube… Now I have a system that is helping me stay on track.

Because I am taking some physical action every day, I am so energized to do more, see more, and be more!

With making sure I make it my mission every day to not let the sunset without walking outside for 30 minutes, now I feel like I can challenge myself with other tasks as well.


  • Spend two solid hours working my business
  • Place ten ads per day
  • Make fifth-teen calls by 5pm
  • Write out my six most important things to do by midnight
  • Spend 30 minutes by the water reflecting/receiving new ideas
  • Journal my progress daily

To spend just 90 days on these few tasks it will be amazing the amount of momentum I will be in.

Like I said this is only day 27 and I am already so focused. I believe in miracles ~ Do you?

Be sure to stop by the YouTube Channel to see more of the weather I got to walk outside in for 30 minutes.

Here’s one of my video clips…


Love and blessing to you,



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