3 Steps To Strengthening Your Weaknesses

Believe you can3 Steps To Strengthening Your Weaknesses

Awareness Is the First Step

First, there is a yen to every yang. Where there is good, there is bad; where there is right, there is wrong; and, where there is strength, there is also weakness. There is nothing wrong with this because, honestly, no one can be good at everything. There are many different rules of thought on how to treat your weaknesses. Some feel that you should cultivate them and always strive to get better in these areas; others think you should leave them alone. My opinion – why spend valuable time developing and cultivating qualities within you that have a cap because they are not tapping into your natural ability? The hard truth is, no matter how hard you work on your weaknesses, they will never outshine your strengths. Why? Because they were not the Universal qualities that have been instilled in you to live out your purpose.  Remain aware of who you really are, what feels good to you? Do that!

its okAwareness of Weaknesses

Secondly, how do you know what your weaknesses are? Just like your strengths are things in which you excel naturally in, your weaknesses are just the opposite. If you find something to be extremely challenging and it doesn’t come natural to you at all, chances are, it’s a weakness. Contrary to my statement earlier, your weaknesses are not meant to be ignored. We all have room to improve in many different areas; however, you don’t need to spend excessive amounts of time trying to be an expert in an area you know to be a natural weakness. Focus that effort on your strengths. The best way to combat your weaknesses is to surround yourself with others who are strong in that area.

We are all different and therefore, have skills and qualities in many different areas. Build a team around you of people that are different from you. Celebrate those differences. Have you ever heard the acronym for TEAM? Together everyone achieves more; that means everyone on the team works in their strengths to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the team.

Find others that can fills the gaps in your life. Slowly but surely, you’ll find by association, you’ll start to grow stronger in your weaknesses. For instance, maybe you don’t have a dynamic personality and really don’t communicate well with others. This is a weakness you might want to expand on to enhance the relationships in your life. It may not be in your path to become a dynamic speaker or politician, but by forming friendships with people that do have that path, by default, your communication skills and engagement with others will improve.

Think!Awareness Leads to Empowering Yourself

Third, Reflection.  Take some time to reflect on areas that you may be weak. This is sometimes a harder self-analysis, because we don’t really like to focus on things we’re not good at, and sometimes we may find ourselves in self-denial, thinking we are good in areas that we really aren’t. Remember, you can’t be good at everything; everyone has some weaknesses. Once you know what they are, make a decision to limit the time you invest in them; your priority should always be to operate in your strength zone. Once you know where your weaknesses are, find others whose strengths occupy that space, and complete your life. Weaknesses are a natural part of human nature; don’t sweat the small stuff.

Looking forward and Grateful for today,


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