About Me


This is Eyvette the founder of Eyvette’s Healthy Lifestyle Cafe’

Eyvette is a veteran of the US Air Force who decided to live a healthier lifestyle and in this blog, she will bring to you the many ways she finds to live a new healthy lifestyle.

The reason for making a change to a healthier lifestyle happened with her High Blood Pressure diagnosis.  As a veteran who was always active and never had a weight issue during her entire career, she was amazed at how fast weight settles on the body when it is not in motion.

Once leaving the military, within four months twenty pounds had taken a hold of her body.  This was a little over three years ago and it is much more since then.  As of today, she affirms to do an about face (military term to turn around) and you will benefit from all the ways Eyvette is learning how to reduce her blood pressure and weight to enjoy living a more healthy life and style.

As told to her many years ago, life is something everybody has; style is how we get to live it!  There is a big difference in Eyvette’s opinion.

Come by often, mark this blog as a favorite of yours and see all the many different healthy lifestyle tips Eyvette will share with you.  Some may have worked for her, and some may have not; she will let you know whether it did or did not.  You will be able to decide what works for you.

You may also be looking into some ways to get healthier; if so, please leave a comment and check some of the possibilities that Eyvette will offer you in the blog posts.  You never know, you may find a way to get off the high blood pressure medicine like Eyvette.

May your life be filled with Joy, peace, love and abundance!

All the best to you,


P.S. To see what I am up to right now just click here.

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