good habitsLove yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle!!!

This is where we begin! Giving ourselves permission to love ourselves now and love ourselves well into our healthy lifestyles.

In this blog we will explore the best ways to enjoy regular exercise, some of the best ways to reduce stress, some of the best to eat healthy, and of course, why we need to drink plenty of water!

There are very important healing herbs and other drinks to help reduce high blood pressure we will look into, as well!

We must learn that FIT is not a destination it is a way of life!

There isn’t any reason why we all can’t be fit starting where we are right now.  Fit does not mean skinny, fit does not mean to not eat, fit does not mean stave ourselves.  Fit means we eat a healthy balance of the right foods, we reduce the stress in our lives, and that we exercise according to what will fit within our own lives.  We can begin to walk, then walk fast, then run if we feel that is our next comfortable level.

I just watched a video of David Kirsch who is a fitness trainer, he said that his own mother just lost 75 pounds with working with him a little at a time, the key is being consistent.  He said we can start with standing up raising out arms up high in the air and taking three deep breath as a beginner.  This is so simple and we can increase the number of deep breathing we inhale/exhale.

David is the fitness trainer to the stars and has a new To watch the example of how this works click ==> David Kirsch’s 5-5-5™ :

5 Moves

5 Days

5 Pounds

Sounds easy enough, right!  I attempted it… it is quick!  Not so easy, but I think the more I do it the easier it will become.  How did you do with it?  Write in the comments and let me know what you liked about it?

All the best to you!


  1. Great blog Eyvette. Shared to Twitter for you.

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