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What’s Your Energy Around Your Strengths?


What’s Your Energy Around Your Strengths?

People tend to ask, “what are your strengths”?

Has someone ever told you, “I don’t have any talents” or “I’m not good at anything”? Maybe that person was you. In a world where stardom is sensationalized, it’s really easy to draw those kinds of conclusions about ourselves because we’re not Beyonce or LeBron James. The truth is, You arrived here with a special purpose and gifts inside each one of us before we were even born. You had a purpose and you’re good at something; sometimes it just requires a little effort to determine what that something is.

Do a little exercise with me; close your eyes. Think of the last time you were really, truly happy, a time when you were having fun, a time when you felt the most fulfilled. What were you doing? Who were you doing it with? Take some time to really meditate on this. Take 10 minutes or longer if you have to. Chances are that thing that brought you so much joy and fulfillment is, in fact your strength zone.

Next, think about the things that you not only enjoy doing, but things that you are particularly good at. You may not be the best singer in your choir, but maybe you have a great love and appreciation for music and you have great organizational qualities. This is good; you can do something with that. Writers, producers and agents are not always the ones singing the songs. Music directors are not necessarily gifted in singing, but they are gifted in showcasing the talents of others and helping them shine. Perhaps, you are not the best athlete, but you have a love and appreciation for sports and possess some special skills that will allow you to tap into this passion. If you are good at following and enforcing rules and know sports extremely well, maybe you have a career as a referee; or maybe you’re good at communicating with others and extracting information in which case you might have a great career ahead of you as a sports reporter.

Think outside the box. Your strengths and talents don’t always have to lie in what you see on television and the media. You have to look inward to learn your true passion and purpose and ultimately determine what you are really good at. You may not know it today, but I promise you, you have amazing gifts and qualities that you have not even begun to discover yet. I challenge you to take the time to learn more about yourself so that you may discover your true gifts because you will never experience true joy in your life until you are walking in your strengths and capitalizing on the gifts that are inside you.


What Do Your Feelings Tell You?


Some of us are quite aware of our gifts and our strengths but are allowing them to lie dormant. Why? You have special qualities within you that have only been placed within you, and you have a purpose that only you can fulfill in your lifetime – ONLY YOU. Don’t waste the precious gifts that have been given to you. I understand that sometimes it can be scary to step out on faith and trust the Universe to give you what you’re seeking, but isn’t more scary not to? You will never know what amazing life lies on the other side of your fears if you are just willing to allowing your real energy to guide you.


The way you feel is an expression of how well you are allowing the Universe to guide you. You feel good about something you are allowing what you would like in your life to come closer to you. Feeling not so good about it, you are resisting something. So many times, we believe the words of others instead of believing our own gut feelings. Then, what happens? Trusting our own gut feelings will always guide us to the best results. Are you ready to start paying attention to you?

Walk in your energy around your strengths; use the gifts you came here with and watch your life of abundance blossom!

Keep looking forward,


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What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do?

What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do For You?


One day, about twenty-seven days ago, I woke up thinking ~, what if I walked outside everyday for thirty minutes for ninety days? {Remember that’s outside in every kind of weather}

I wondered if I could maintain it for the entire ninety days. If I could what type of transformations, would my body go through? If I could what type of psychological changes would take place in me.

I said the only way for me to begin this tall feat was to record it and to ensure that I remained steady with it I posted in on every social media I was a part of.

Today is day twenty-seven, and I begin tracking here on my blog. I will continue to inform you on how the human spirit can challenge itself and cause a lowering of blood pressure even more.

The days of tracking on my YouTube channel are a little mixed up because I was so busy making sure I was tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr I would forget some days of uploading to YouTube… Now I have a system that is helping me stay on track.

Because I am taking some physical action every day, I am so energized to do more, see more, and be more!

With making sure I make it my mission every day to not let the sunset without walking outside for 30 minutes, now I feel like I can challenge myself with other tasks as well.


  • Spend two solid hours working my business
  • Place ten ads per day
  • Make fifth-teen calls by 5pm
  • Write out my six most important things to do by midnight
  • Spend 30 minutes by the water reflecting/receiving new ideas
  • Journal my progress daily

To spend just 90 days on these few tasks it will be amazing the amount of momentum I will be in.

Like I said this is only day 27 and I am already so focused. I believe in miracles ~ Do you?

Be sure to stop by the YouTube Channel to see more of the weather I got to walk outside in for 30 minutes.

Here’s one of my video clips…


Love and blessing to you,