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How I Know Healthy Coffee Lowered My Blood Pressure?

Ganoderma pictureHow I Know Healthy Coffee Lowered My Blood Pressure?
When my high blood pressure (BP) diagnosis was given to me I was, at first, surprised. Then I recalled that my father had a heart attack when I was in high school. Well, I thought, maybe it’s my genes catching up with me. Something just didn’t set right with me about it, thou. I asked the doctor to check it again and she said yes, you have hypertension, better known as high blood pressure. I was prescribed a pill to help lower my BP at that point.   Remembering the doctor told me if I ever felt a tingling in my hands to go to the emergency room.


One day I awoken to extreme tingling in my hands, immediately I did not pass go, I went straight to the emergency room. They took my blood pressure sure enough; it was 181/140 they were all around me making sure they did everything they could to bring it down. Since my father had a heart attack and had to have quadruple bypass surgery they were, very attentive to me, to say the least. At the discharge of that experience, they prescribe another pill to take along with the one I was on already. Now that makes two high blood pressure pills every day.


You know statistics say that most people have heart attacks on Monday morning. I truly wonder if that is because people just are so sick of their jobs that they don’t want to be at they would rather spend the day at the hospital. True story, I was on my way to work one Monday morning and my chest started feeling like it was caving in… I drove myself straight to the emergency room right down the street from my job. They did many tests and had me there all day long giving me all sorts of tests to make sure I was not having a heart attack. One thing I do know for sure, when you say you are experiencing chest pains, those ER workers go into mega professional mode.


Upon discharge of the emergency room, they put me on an aspirin a day regimen. Now that means I am now taking the two blood pressure pills and an aspirin everyday to maintain my BP at a normal level.   I am not happy about all these drugs. You see all my life up to this point, I was a healthy person I lived a healthy lifestyle. I never had to go to the doctor for anything because I was just healthy. Having to deal with remembering to take all these drugs into my body not knowing what else they were doing to my body, I just did not like it.


This is when I decided to take other methods of lowering my BP. I began looking around at all the health food stores, herbal centers, holistic methods for everything and anything to find alternatives to taking all these pills. I had a friend who had started her own business as a gourmet beverage distributor, she had me over for a tasting and I really like the taste of the coffee and teas. However, when she said they are infused with an herb called Ganoderma my ears perked up. I said, what is that? She said it’s a ancient Chinese herb {most people say that to make their products sound like they have some legitimacy, right} that only their royalty had the privilege to intake because of its vast benefits. I decided to do my due diligence about this herb. Sure enough, I found great amounts of research from different medical sources that stated this “Ganoderma” herb helps to lower blood pressure.


The light bulb in my head illuminated! In September of 2013, I began drinking one cup a day of these coffee and teas and now March 2014 I am happy to say I am off all my BP medication.


My blood pressure has maintained a healthy 128/78 or around there since January 2014. I know in my heart, the healthy coffee lowered my BP and I am so happy about it. Life without having to take any meds is fabulous! I am now starting a 90-Day challenge to myself to walk outside for 30 minutes every day no matter what the weather. On day six now and starting to enjoy it more and more. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or know someone who is, please believe me I know what you/them are going through. Join me at my YouTube channel and we can live this healthy lifestyle together.


I am so grateful to find this herb it’s simple to drink a healthy coffee that has helped to lower my blood pressure. I feel obligated to tell anyone else who is suffering with hypertension to see if it works for them too.


To your health,




P.S. Take time everyday to spend time with yourself, if it is walking outside or something you love to do, just take time to spend quality time with you! You deserve it!





Tai Chi To Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Tai chi imageTai Chi To Lower Your Blood Pressure?

Starting out taking a beginner class of Tai Chi I had no idea that it was good for lowering blood pressure.  I began taking it to just relieve stress and while taking it my teacher explained that it is great for lowering blood pressure.  The old saying is correct, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I told people all around me that I liked the way that Tai Chi looked when people were doing it and I would like to take a class in it.  Little did I know there was a class being taught in the gym that I frequented.

I arrived at the class he first time to a room full of about ten people who were all in sync with each movement of Tai Chi and I fell in love with Tai Chi.  My teacher, Mr. John Crouse, is great because he gives enormous amounts of Tai Chi history that helps us to understand the beauty of this wonderful health benefit.

He has explained that Tai Chi or T’ai Chi Ch ‘uan (sometimes spelled Taijiquan) is a centuries-old Chinese martial art.  Up until modern times, Tai Chi was kept secret by today it is practiced by millions of people all over the world primarily for its health benefits.

The postures and movements of Tai Chi are derived from the principles that govern the interaction of Yin creates Yang.  In practice, the Tai Chi player is continually shifting between empty and full weight, between soft and firm in order to achieve proper equilibrium. The movements are supple and primarily circular in nature.

Tai Chi is related in many ways to acupuncture: proper practice will increase and balance the flow of Chi (life-energy) throughout the body.  Tai Chi has an excellent reputation as a healing exercise and many Doctors in China today prescribe it for their patients.  Western Doctors and therapists are also beginning to recognize the value of Tai Chi.  Except for a very few special cases, no one is too old or too weak to begin Tai Chi.

This is just a beginning of some ways to improve lowering your blood pressure and I will be posting more for you on how to reduce your blood pressure and eventually come off your high blood pressure medications, like I did.

Simple ways Tai Chi helps To Lower Your Blood Pressure!

To Your Success,


How Water Makes A Difference!

Drink water at the right time.

Drink water at the right time.

How Water Makes A Difference!

When reading “Healthy Wonders of Water” on Web MD it is good to see some of the reason I drink lots of water have real facts behind it.

I always liked drinking water because it just made me feel good; however, I did not realize I was so close to dehydration that is why it made me feel so good.   According to Amanda Carlson, director of performance nutrition for Athletes’ Performance, which trains many of the world’s top athletes. “Just losing 2% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 25%.”

If I am nowhere near as fit as the world’s top athletes are at this point in my life, I know it would probably decrease my performance by much more.  Who am I kidding?  I would have to be doing something to have a decrease in performance.  Lol!

That is why I a have affirmed to start this new self-performance program.  I will begin with drinking the two glasses of water as soon as I wake up.  I will perform this for two days, started it today and every two days I will add the one glass of water 30 minutes before each meal for the rest of this week.

It will be interesting to remember to have one full glass of water before taking a bath or shower to reduce blood pressure.  This is so much easier than taking high blood pressure medicine that has a multitude of side effects, I will enjoy this.


I already drink a half a glass of water before going to bed; I did not even know it was a great to do.  I remembered hearing when I was younger, if I drank a half of glass of water before going to bed and I had problems that needed solving while I am sleep as long as I ask for the problem to be worked on, it would be while I sleep.  When I awoke, all I had to do was drink the other half of the glass of water and no more problems.   I will continue to do this only with two full glasses of water now.

In addition, I will begin to walk for 30 minutes five days a week; I hear walking outdoors is the best.  These are two things that are simple to do, and because they are simple to do that makes them simple not to do.  Simply because I have stated it here on this post, I will make sure to use myself as a human experiment.

I am eager to see my own results; I will be tracking it in the mobile app myfitnesspal. This is a free app and you are welcome to join me my username is Evet10.

Just taking it one day at time, making sure I do the simple things of drinking water every day and walking 30 minutes five days a week for 30 days.  According to the app, it says if I maintain 1500 calories per day on April, I will have lost 15 pounds.   Let’s see if it knows what it is talking about.

This is just a glimpse into how water makes a difference in lowering our blood pressure.

All the best to you,