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Believe You Can Move Beyond Your Now!

Believe You Can Move Beyond Your Now!

Right Now Where Do You Believe You Can Be, Do, or Have?

Let yourself know you are a person who has within you More

It’s only You who is stopping You from moving to a new level…  right?

I Feel You Are In There… Inside Yourself Is The Person Who Loves You!

At the Core of Your Being… What Is Your Greatest Desire?

It’s Yours

How to increase the life of those around you comes when you Increase YOUR life first!!!     PERIOD!

Invest in YOU!

        “One of the most surprising things I have discovered about the sales profession is that sales and life are quite similar. In life, you get out what you have put in. In sales, your success depends on your effort”. Gillian Hennessy-Ortega, author of It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where you Finish!

This quote says it all, the realization that you are responsible for all of your actions, be it small or big. When you begin to take note of just how each little action you choose to make is setting into motion a future result for yourself, is eye opening. For each thought you think about, what you believe is going to happen in your life is causing your life to develop into what you believe it will become.

IMG_20130119_132046Your emotional health is the most important aspect of your life because you emotions are your indicator of how your life is developing.  An example, when you are thinking great things will happen in your life and then you feel like you don’t believe it, then it doesn’t happen you feel sure that something outside of you made it happen… but what actually happened was your feeling it will not happen sent the vibration out that you did not expect it to happen, so it did not happen.  Are you getting this?

Let’s just experiment, think of something you would like to have in your life, (ex. SeaDoo Riding in Florida) what would it feel like to have it in your life right now?  What would it feel like to enjoy it with others? How are you preparing for it in your life right now?  Are you waiting until you have it in your life to prepare for it?  How do you get ready for a vacation?  Years, months, weeks, days before it you are preparing for it right?  So, why wouldn’t you do that for everything in your life?

These choices may appear to be futile and you may not care much at the time of making these choices, however,they will determine your results. Just think where you are today is exactly the results of who you believed yourself to be months ago. Amazing isn’t it?

Once this knowing took root in my mind I begin to pay close attention to all my thoughts…. as much as possible!
I encourage you to pay attention, close attention to what you are thinking about… On a moment-by-moment basis… If not, when something happens to you, take a moment and think about it… Do you or do you hear people say “I knew that was going to happen” they are so correct because what you think about you bring about, can you see how that works out?

When you say it you must feel it as well!! Your feelings are the magic!

Seeing You Burst with Abundance!



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