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What’s Your Energy Around Your Strengths?

What’s Your Energy Around Your Strengths?.


What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do?

What Will Personal Challenge of Consistent Action Do For You?


One day, about twenty-seven days ago, I woke up thinking ~, what if I walked outside everyday for thirty minutes for ninety days? {Remember that’s outside in every kind of weather}

I wondered if I could maintain it for the entire ninety days. If I could what type of transformations, would my body go through? If I could what type of psychological changes would take place in me.

I said the only way for me to begin this tall feat was to record it and to ensure that I remained steady with it I posted in on every social media I was a part of.

Today is day twenty-seven, and I begin tracking here on my blog. I will continue to inform you on how the human spirit can challenge itself and cause a lowering of blood pressure even more.

The days of tracking on my YouTube channel are a little mixed up because I was so busy making sure I was tracking on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr I would forget some days of uploading to YouTube… Now I have a system that is helping me stay on track.

Because I am taking some physical action every day, I am so energized to do more, see more, and be more!

With making sure I make it my mission every day to not let the sunset without walking outside for 30 minutes, now I feel like I can challenge myself with other tasks as well.


  • Spend two solid hours working my business
  • Place ten ads per day
  • Make fifth-teen calls by 5pm
  • Write out my six most important things to do by midnight
  • Spend 30 minutes by the water reflecting/receiving new ideas
  • Journal my progress daily

To spend just 90 days on these few tasks it will be amazing the amount of momentum I will be in.

Like I said this is only day 27 and I am already so focused. I believe in miracles ~ Do you?

Be sure to stop by the YouTube Channel to see more of the weather I got to walk outside in for 30 minutes.

Here’s one of my video clips…


Love and blessing to you,